Sunday, May 25, 2008

Seattle, Pikes Market, and Alaska!!

I JUST got back from a wedding at Victory Bible Camp in Alaska, but I had to tell you guys about my last week =) Firstly, I had an amazing couple of days in Santa Barbara! I got to hang out with some amazing friends and Eric and I got to ride our vespas all around with Arisa and Kaela! After a BBQ, we went hot tubbing at the famous Santa Clause Lane and then watched the season finale of "The Office"... which was full of laughs. I seriously love that show...

I then left to Seattle for a couple days! My friends Kelsey Voetmann and Lauren Kuehl are both living there at the moment and I had a BLAST! Kelsey's dad is an amazing businessman and artist, and he completely designed this house! I was in love with the architecture and design, I couldn't get enough of it!

Everything down to the lighting fixtures were so rad... I actually went around their whole house and took pictures I was so stoked about it!

The first night we were there, Kelsey had a whole bunch of her friends over and we made a huge dinner! It was yum-MAY and we had a lot of fun =) We cranked the music up and went for it!

She'll probably be mad at me for posting this, but this is Lauren getting all ready for the dinner party =P "Stop taking pictures of me!!"

Soooo they live RIGHT on the waterfront... which is amazing. We got so many sweet sunsets, and the first night there was quite the view! RAD!

So... Lauren is quite the little prankster, and I decided to douse her with a little cool whip. Little did I know that she has NO reservations in getting someone back (with extreme intensity, too!) and she didn't give up until my face (and hair) was covered. Luckily she had some hidden ninja moves and got away... 

Yes, we found a zebra... skin. Its real, and it kind of stunk. But we chased people around in it for a while =P We were waiting to play hide and seek in the whole house and got a little bored!

Pikes Market! Kels took me down here one day and we got lots of little goodies =) We had some really good coffee and a Russian lunch thing! I'm not even going to try to spell it... It was yummy though =)

Kelsey and I!

I had taken Kels and Lo out for a photoshoot during our last year at Westmont, and they took me out to dinner as a thank you =) We met up with one of their friends who is a pro dirt bike rider! She was cool and hopefully I'll be able to take some shots for her this summer! Lo and I also walked down to the town and watched "Prince Caspian" - it was in the daintiest little theatre, and we paid 4 bucks each, it was sweet!

Sunset on my last day there! We saw a bunch of whales out in the water too, that was so cool! I wanted to take a canoe out and say hi but we voted against it.

A lot of my family lives in Seattle, also, and my Aunt Julie has 3 adorable kids!! I got to play WII with them... and wow did they kick my butt at WII Tennis. It was a lot of fun though, and it was really good to see all of them! Here are some pictures of their newest born, Henry =)

I then went up to Alaska on Wednesday, and its definitely good to be back =) I love the weather, the air, the light, and the mountains! Its always amazing to be home... and my mom even had fresh chocolate chip cookies sitting by my bed when I got home from the airport!! MMM! This is a sunset over Anchorage... and this is the view from my "office" up here =) You can see the downtown buildings in the right, I love it up here!

What is WICKED SICK about this next picture is... well two things!! One, its taken at 2:30 in the morning, so for all you non-Alaskans reading this, this is what Alaska looks like all night! The sun is setting about 11:30pm right now and rising at about 4am. =P The second rad thing about this photo is thats Denali Mountain!! Its about 6.5 hours away and its the tallest mountain in North America (tallest climb in the world if you count from sea level!). Its in Denali National Park, one of my most favorite places in the world =)

I have a ton more photos coming... I am really excited to show you all my stuff from the wedding this weekend! I went out shooting with my good friend Garret Floyd for a couple hours after the rehearsal and we got some KILLER shots! Until next time... 



Kelli said...

Wow, those sunset shots are stunning! I was just there a few weeks ago, but didn't get any shots like that, dang it. LOVE that last one.

Jon VanDyke said...

Josh, This is Jon, the tall guy from the wedding whoes sunglasses you were gonna steal :P You did an amazing job, the pictures you had already at the reception were awesome! Keep up the good work.