Friday, July 14, 2006

Rush '98

So, my soccer team pretty much ROCKS!!! I think I could put up about 500 more pictures of them and still feel okay about it. They are totally amazing and they play soccer beautifully!! I look forward to their games EVERY week!! They kick butt and they're totally adorable. We've only lost one game in the last 2 years and we usually score 6 or 8 goals a game ;) I pretty much LOVE them!! I just got my E license and I'll be the offical Rush (old Goldstrikers) 98 coach next summer!

These two pics are of my center mid - Carolyn - she TOTALLY rocks and has amazing dribbling skills - she can see the field as a whole and has a very hard shot.

This is Bridget - she's one of my top forwards - she's extremely fast and really aggressive. She is also so excited to play and is just plain adorable!

There's me and my team warming down!!

Bridget and Stephanie - Steph is probably one of the fastest girls on my team and she attacks non-stop. She has a HUGE kick and just loves life ;) Shes awesome to watch!

This is Hailey, one of my other top forwards - she is CRAZY!! She scored two goals last game and doesn't let ANYone push her around ;) She's also hilarious, I love her

And of course my sister Sarah!! She was another forward but has instead followed her brothers footsteps as a defender! She has a HUGE boot and is reeeeally fast. Go sis!!

Group huddle after winning our game 8-0 ;)

Ps - thanks to my dad for some of these shots!

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Sarah Renée said...

That's so awesome!! I really enjoyed being able to look at your shots and read about what kinda kids they are! :) GO DEFENSE!! (I played a li'l D in my time too :) )